LifeGeneration is a ministry designed to cater to the needs of the Young Adults in church and to their friends.

Formed in 2011, our purpose is to provide an avenue for leadership development and for the YAs (Young Adults) to bring their friends to where relevant issues can be addressed. As an extension of our YA Cell Groups, LifeGeneration Services are held every first Friday of every month, where all the YAs from the different groups can come together.

Our services and gatherings are not typically conventional of a church service, as we often incorporate food, games and other activities too. Some of our past gatherings include talks, seminars, treasure hunts, costume parties, barbeques, tea parties, holiday retreats and many more. To find out what else we have in store, do join us by contacting any one of the persons in charge.

How do we know that LifeGeneration meets the needs of the YAs? Because behind the planning and organising of the ministry, you’ll find committed and friendly YAs, themselves seeking and helping one another make the connection between their peers, and with God. So come make the connection with LifeGeneration!